8. Love/Hate Food
Don't get me wrong.. I LOVE eating. What I highly dislike is preparing/cooking/and thinking about what I'm going to eat. This drives Aldrine CRAZY because I can never make up my mind. If he's not already cooking it, I'm not hungry for it. Poor guy..

7. Being Alone
When I was a teenager, I never wanted to be alone - In fact, I never wanted to be home. It was always out with my friends and insisted on picking them up so I wouldn't have to meet them there and risk waiting awkwardly alone until they got there. I'm much more comfortable being alone nowadays and love the stillness of an empty house.

6. Light Studies
The jig is up! There's no hiding now: Whenever I'm in the studio alone and have free time to explore, I set up my camera at home and study the light in my house using myself as my own model. It's super embarrassing, but anytime you see a new lighting set up or anything creative come from me, you better believe there's an image somewhere on my hard drive that's almost an exact replica of me.

5. Let's go swimming!
Um. How about no. I can't swim!!! I know, I live in Hawaii, and I don't know how.. By the way, I also grew up in Huntington Beach, California ALSO KNOWN AS Surf City USA. Yup. I fail.

4. Romantic is not who I am
Luckily my guy is the most romantic person I've ever met.

3. Toshiko...?????
My last name isn't actually Toshiko. Toshiko was my great-grandmother's name and my parents decided to name me after her.

2. Suburbia only please!
I've learned I'm not a city person OR a country person. I grew up in the suburbs and I feel safe in the suburbs. SO THAT'S WHERE I'LL STAY.

1. Forever in-between
Now that I'm an adult, I don't think I sway in any specific genre. As you've found, I'm not a city person and I'm not a country girl. I'm forever a non-swimmer in a surf town. I'm an indoor cat in an outdoor-living community. I'm commanding when I hold a camera, and very passive when I'm not.