Portrait Inspirations


My top inspirations, hands down are Sue Bryce, Zhang Jingna (Zemotion), Tim Walker, and Annie Leibovitz. 

Sue Bryce is the brilliant soul who has taught me just about everything I know. How to pose, how to light, how to hack natural window light; All from this woman. Her education has upped my game and given me perspective on how to better service and photograph every person who steps into my studio.

Zhang Jingna (Zemotion) is hands-down my favorite photographer. Her imagery has held me captivated for well over a decade now, and I aspire to push myself to do more personal work like she did with Motherland Chronicles.

Tim Walker is my fine art idol. I've been obsessed with his work since I first discovered him in 2008. He pushes boundaries with set design and wardrobe. His portrait series with the white table and backdrop is one of my all-time favorites.

Annie Leibovitz. If you don't know who Annie is, you might live under a rock. She is the queen of Vanity Fair, and her ability to position, pose and direct a very large group and keep it looking dynamic and stunning is life goals.

Who are your artistic idols? Business idols? Mentors?