Graduation Portrait: Lauryn

I’ve known Lauryn and her family since we were both really young. We used to go to church together in Montebello, California. A few months ago, her Aunty Wendy mentioned to me that Lauryn may want her graduation photos done by me, and if I’d be in California anytime soon. I wasn’t, but I could be! So I booked my flight and flew to Los Angeles to do this special portrait session with her!


1. She's a double graduate from USC - Bachelors AND Masters!

2. She's now ready to start her career as a lawyer

3. She loves to wear all black... Like me! ;)

4. When she wears her cream lace dress, she looks like a movie star

5. She has PERFECT teeth because her momma is a dentist - Which is why she has the most beautiful smile!