Boudoir Photo Shoot with Mara

I met Mara about a year ago when I was first starting off, and we've been friends ever since. She's a professional model based here in Kauai, and I've loved working with her both as a client and friend.

This lady is from Germany. Yes, you heard my right. Germany! So yes, she has the most adorable accent, and I swear to you she's one of the most fun-loving people I've ever met.


Personally, I'm obsessed with the idea of coffee next to a windowsill the morning after. The thought of waking up to your man handing you a hot cup of coffee in bed?! Yes. Sign me up!

Mara brought some of her favorite mugs, lounge wear, and lingerie to make her session cute, flirty, and Victoria's Secret inspired. I'm soooo happy she opted to try my classic white sheet with her favorite mug.