Personal Branding with Kehaulani

This photo shoot with Kehaulani was on the darkest day I've ever had to do a shoot with, but it didn't stop us from getting her the portraits she needed for her job as a realtor at Keller Williams here on Kauai. Kehau wanted photos for work and has never liked a single headshot she's had done. She has perfect bone structure, and the perfect face for makeup! I loved photographing her! 

Portrait Photo Shoot with Kyle Furusho


Kyle is one of my husband's friends. When I went home to shoot some portraits in California, Kyle met up with us and we took some head shots!

Kyle is also a very talented musician. He sings, plays guitar, and ukulele, and he's just as charismatic as he is goofy. HAHA Love you Kyle! 


Portrait Photo Shoot with Gigi


Now here is a woman who is empowering, motivated, and strong. Gigi has shown me that with the right mindset, you can live in a state of constant authenticity.

Gigi called me just in time to fit into my schedule the week of my wedding. So glad I did! This woman is a life coach. She's a fantastic genuine, and loving new friend.


Portrait Photo Shoot with Ashley


I knew Ashley for two reasons: Her dad is my realtor, and she's classmates with my husband. On the first of the month, my husband came in to the Kauai Realty office to pay rent. She gave him her card and told him to have me get in touch. 

Ashley wanted to do a photo shoot to update some of her business head shots (she's also a realtor!). She told me over the phone that she had some head shots taken but she didn't like them and wanted my more "artistic flare". COLOR ME FLATTERED!


Ashley also told me that she would want to do another photo shoot with her family sometime. I told her, "Why not just do it now?" 

So she got to spend her morning getting her hair and makeup done, and after a fully-guided portrait shoot for herself, her husband and daughter came to join her for the last 20 minutes. 

NO NEED TO GET YOUR HAIR AND MAKEUP DONE ALL OVER AGAIN. You already look all glamoured up, why not be photographed with your family?