Portrait Photo Shoot with Kat Francia

I've known Kat for over 6 years, and initially all I really knew about her was that she was a student in college, she was really involved in student government, and that she was sick. Not like, 'I-have-the-flu-because-I-have-a-weak-immune-system' kinda sick.. Like.. Real-Life sick. 

Kat has lupus, and she's had it since she was a early teenager. So I've never really known her to be 'healthy' per se... Even though I mostly knew her to look fairly normal/healthy despite routine doctor visits and tri-weekly dialysis. 

Kat is my sister-in-law, one of my favorite people on the planet, and she is a FIGHTER. I have never seen a person go through as many medical procedures/tests/hospital visits as she has and still have her head up. 

So Kat got married last November 2015 to the love of her life, Wade. Unfortunately she was a little too weak and sick to take proper wedding portraits together, so I waited until all the craziness settled before asking her to come do a photo shoot.

Her birthday was this month and I knew it was the perfect time to do this photo shoot with her.. A month prior, she got in a car accident with her mom, and was discriminated against by management at Costco. Soooooo she needed this. And she deserved this. 

Dresses are from RentTheRunway.com where at first the dresses didn't ship to my studio in time, so we were forced to postpone a week, HOWEVER, I loved how the dresses photographed.

I loved every minute of this photo shoot. EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE. Nothing is more satisfying and fills your heart quicker than giving someone a fresh view of themselves.