Backlit Portraits... 6 Reasons Why I'm Obsessed!

There’s something so magical about a backlit portrait. They always look so much softer, angelic.. What do you guys think? Love it or leave it? Personally, I’m in love!

1. AIRY: It adds an element of atmosphere and dreaminess. 

2. CURVES: It shows off your beautiful curves as the light wraps around the body.

3. SOFT: The soft light diminishes wrinkles or fine lines and makes the skin look more even.

4. LET’S FACE IT, YOU LOOK LIKE AN ANGEL: Halo light on your hair, skin soaking in light? This is a no-brainer!

5. CLEAN: Because it’s done on white, you have the option to use these for website use or personal marketing.

6. IT WORKS ON EVERYONE: Dark hair, light hair, straight body, curvy body… This looks great on everyone. With the right pose, outfit choice, and guidance from me, backlit portraits can be amazing and flattering to everyone.